Jeddito School

In addition to offering our students the best instruction possible, our Jeddito School teaching staff believes homework is an important part of the educational process and that it is valid if it has the following objectives:

  • Promotes growth in self-responsibility and self-direction in learning
  • Directs students toward good work habits, extends school research experiences
  • Brings students into contact with out-of-school resources
  • Helps students learn time management skills, and practice the development and mastery of other essential skills

We are committed to bringing all our students up to grade level in all subjects using our dedicated curriculum and supplemental programs such as Accelerated Reading and Accelerated Math, and DIBELS assessments in language arts for grades K–5. We also provide pre-algebra and algebra for our advanced math students.

For students who need additional help, we offer summer school and after school enrichment programs. Jeddito students who attend the after school program participate in the newspaper, culture, dancing, and cooking classes, which provide a multi-sensory approach to teaching.

If you have any questions, Please call our New School Ph# - (928) 395-1244