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Cedar Unified School District #25
Jeddito School
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Welcome to Cedar Unified School District #25

Cedar Unified School District is located in Keams Canyon, Arizona on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Our rural location, 150 miles northeast of Flagstaff, is populated by a community that is committed to its students and helping them achieve their potential.

As educators and staff dedicated to strong academic and athletic achievements, we are continually striving to raise the bar to assure that all of our students achieves their goals. We hope you'll use our district and school websites to learn more about what we have to offer our students, our community, and our staff.

Pride - We demonstrate pride in ourselves through our actions, our words, and our performance.

Respect - We show respect for ourselves, others, our schools, and our community.

Purpose - We recognize that we are each responsible for our performance in contributing to the care and education of our students.

Navajo County COVID-19 Update

March 26, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians:

At this unprecedented time of a national emergency and state declared public school closures, we are making every effort to continue our educational program for our students at Cedar Unified School District. In continuing our educational programs, we have begun with hard-copy homework assignments that need to be returned to the school through the drop-off crates in the school cafeteria. The hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. which coincides with the bag-n-grab breakfast and lunch for all students in the area. The plastic crates are identified by teacher names. Additionally, for those with access to digital resources, we are using email, smart phones, All Call, Google Hangout, ZOOM, and one-way YouTube live streaming. 

Further, we have on our school website excellent educational links that can be accessed from home, see Helpful Links, or in the parking lot at Jeddito elementary/junior high school parking. For our teaching faculty and parents, we have from Stanford University the K12 Lab Network for on-going “professional development experiences that inspire educators and set them on a journey to creatively engage with their students, content, school, and community. Through this lab, faculty and staff are constantly developing ways to build the creative confidence of educators. The professional development experiences focus on practices that inspire educators and set them on a journey to creatively engage with their students, content, school, and community. The lab experiences inspire educators in new ways to teach in immersive real-world projects and experiences where creative problem-solving matters most.”

Our school is also developing online hybrid educational program links with Stanford University for courses that have been taught for many years to leverage academically inspired students in grades five through 11. In addition to the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies and International Institutes, The Honors Academy, and SPICE, the more popular topics in these online instructional resources are Design Thinking, Business and Entrepreneurship, Creative Writing/Expository Writing, Artificial Intelligence/Game Design, and Bioscience/Biotechnology. These are in online or hybrid version course format working with school faculty. The courses are designed for 20 to 25 hours of instruction and 25 hours of project work in a six week version or 10 week version. 

Lastly, we are forwarding some exceptional educational resource links that may also be accessed from home or at our school hot spot. Google Chrome is currently the digital platform that can be used to access these links:

Khan Academy

  • Grades: K-12
  • Description: Comprehensive Content - Individualized Practice

ACT Academy

  • Grades: K–12
  • Description: Comprehensive Content - Individualized Practice


  • Grades: 7–12
  • Description: Comprehensive Content - Individualized Practice

Be Active Handouts

  • Grades: K–6
  • Description: Comprehensive Content - Activities with Household Items

  • Grades: PreK–5
  • Description: Comprehensive Content - Worksheets and Printable Practice

Mensa for Kids

  • Grades: K–6
  • Description: Comprehensive Content - Activities for the Gifted Learner

Playful Learning

  • Grades: K–8
  • Description: Comprehensive Content - Playful Lesson Resources


  • Grades: K–12
  • Description: Foreign Language - Learn 25 Different Languages

Free Children Stories

  • Grades: PreK–5
  • Description: Language Arts - Original Stories for Children


  • Grades: PreK–8
  • Description: Language Arts - Educational Books and Games

Scholastic Learn at Home

  • Grades: PreK–6
  • Description: Language Arts - Lessons Aligned to Literature


  • Grades: PreK–3
  • Description: Language Arts - Phonics Support

Storyline Online

  • Grades: K–3
  • Description: Language Arts - Books for Children

Teach Your Monster to Read

  • Grades: K–3
  • Description: Language Arts - Reading Fluency


  • Grades: K–8
  • Description: Math - Computational Knowledge Practice

Go Noodle

  • Grades: PreK–6
  • Description: Physical Education - Movement Activities

Mystery Science

  • Grades: K–5
  • Description: Science - Science Visuals and Activities

  • Grades: K–8
  • Description: Technology - Coding Coaching and Application


  • Grades: K–8
  • Description: Technology - Coding Coaching and Application

If you have any questions on our hybrid hard copy/digital educational continuity of operations during this time, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher directly or myself, Dr. Begay, at (928) 707-2557. We are appreciative of your patience, understanding, and cooperative spirit at this time of much uncertainty and please make every effort to stay safe with your family. Thank you.

Warm Regards, 

    Harold G. Begay, Ph.D.

    Harold G. Begay, Ph.D.
    Meet our Interim Superintendent/Principal