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Cedar Unified School District #25
Jeddito School
Home of the Nighthawks

Welcome to Cedar Unified School District #25

Cedar Unified School District is located in Keams Canyon, Arizona on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Our rural location, 150 miles northeast of Flagstaff, is populated by a community that is committed to its students and helping them achieve their potential.

As educators and staff dedicated to strong academic and athletic achievements, we are continually striving to raise the bar to assure that all of our students achieves their goals. We hope you'll use our district and school websites to learn more about what we have to offer our students, our community, and our staff.

Pride - We demonstrate pride in ourselves through our actions, our words, and our performance.

Respect - We show respect for ourselves, others, our schools, and our community.

Purpose - We recognize that we are each responsible for our performance in contributing to the care and education of our students.

A Message from Our Superintendent/Principal

I would like to introduce myself to you as parents of school children and students enrolled in Cedar Unified School District #25. I was recently hired by the governing board at the special board meeting held on October 1, 2019. I am of the Tachiini Naalani clan, Todichii'ni my fathers, Lok'aa Dine'i are my Cheii and Naakai Dine'i are my Naaliis. I am in-law to Dibe Lizhiini. I am originally from To'Nanees'Dizi.

I am not new to school district administration or superintendent positions, as I have over twenty-five years of experience as a business manager, Human Resources director, assistant/associate superintendent, and district superintendent. I have worked at the University of Arizona College of Education as a faculty/staff member for four years. My professional background is in psychology and counseling from Northern Arizona University with an earned Ph.D. in school finance/economics and educational leadership from the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ. I did my post-doctoral studies in cognitive neurology as a visiting scholar to the University of California-Berkeley. I continue to work very closely with Stanford University Pre-Collegiate Studies and Vail Unified School District in leveraging K–16 education to higher academic achievement for our regional area schools. It is my thinking, conviction that to become the very best, you have to team up with and affiliate with the very best.

My life work is education, creating an educational environment for student success, infusing exceptional resources into school sites such that our school children and students will have the very best of learning resources. Our school children and students deserve the very best from each and every one of us. This is my goal for Cedar Unified School District, to bring in the very best of teaching and learning resources to our school district to help young minds grow. Please feel free to stop by my office at any time. I hope to meet all of you soon.


    Harold G. Begay, Ph.D.

    Harold G. Begay, Ph.D.
    Meet our Interim Superintendent/Principal