Transportation Bus Routing Information:  (928) 396-0009 

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Route #1

(Green Fish)

Route: Beshbitoh/Steamboat/Sushbitoh/Q’s/Lizard Lane

Driver: Ms. Hill

See Route #1 Map - Click Here

Route #2

(Blue Duck)

Route: Shongopovi/Polacca/ Sage Area-W.Valley Rd/East of JPS

Driver: Mr. Salabye

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Route #3

(Green Squirrel)  

Route: Sand springs/Sitting rock/Gap/Skunk springs/Upper Jeddito-Pink Arrow Rd/4 corners

Driver: Mr. Charley

See Route #3 Map - Click Here

Route #4

(Red Rabbit)

Route: White cone/Black Cedar Hill/Toyei loop/High Country/Jeddito NHA & Townhomes

Driver: Mr. Bahe

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Note: After-school 3pm bus line up will be reversed from routes 4,3,2,1.

Bus Evacuation Drill

v  Week of October 24, 2023

v  Week of March 18-21, 2023

Telephone #’s

Transportation Office ---Ext. 1031

Transportation After hours ---(928) 882-8919

Joey Begay---Transportation Supervisor Ext. 1030

Aaron Charley---Mechanic Ext. 1032

Adrian Salabye---Trainer Ext. 1031

Henry Miller---Security Ext. 1007

Security After hours ---(928) 882-8918

It is the intent of the school district to provide a safe transportation experience. To achieve this everyone needs to do their part. Keep in mind the right to ride the school bus is a privilege extended to students through Board policy, and that failure to follow District bus rules may result in a loss of the privilege.

School Bus Rules

  • Follow all directions given by the Bus Driver

  • No Food and Drinks

  • No Bullying

  • Be on time at the bus stops

  • Stay in your seat

  • Keep the bus clean

  • Don’t scream or shout

  • No changing buses without a pass

  • No destruction of school property

  • No weapons, tobacco or drugs

  • Keep head and arm inside the bus

  • No throwing objects on/off the bus


  • Dangerous items/weapons
  • Glass
  • Animals
  • Insects
  • Tobacco