Cedar Unified School District No. 25 nurtures equality and safety in a diverse learning environment; garnering academic success and instilling a desire for lifelong learning through a rich collaboration among students, parents, teachers, administration, and the governing board.


Invested in the whole child, every day, through cultural connections, academic proficiency, and nurturing overall wellness.

Belief Statements

We believe that students achieve, grow socially and emotionally when:
Schools are welcoming.
Schools nurture a learning environment.
Schools ensure physical and emotional safety.
School and communities strive for and embrace unity.
Collaboration is based on mutual respect among all stakeholders.
There is a strong connection between school and home; recognizing that parents play a vital role exist.


We Believe that all students can achieve their maximum potential when:
Instructional strategies target individual needs.
Current technology is used to support and enhance student learning.


We believe that student success is built on a foundation of -
Highly qualified, well trained, compassionate teachers, support staff and administration.
A district culture in which trust, kindness, honesty, and open communication are valued.

 Approved and Adopted by the CUSD Governing Board on July 13, 2021