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Below, we have provided contact information for the various departments and administrators in our district. For specific information, please feel free to contact the appropriate department.

Governing Board
Web page Iris Yessilth, Board President   
Superintendent's Office
Web page Duane Noggle, Interim Superintendent (928) 738-2366
  Valerie KooyaquaptewaBoard Secretary/Admin. Asst./ (928) 738-2366
  HR Coordinator/Housing Coordinator  
Human Resources
Web page    
Business Department
Web page Bonnie J. Haven, Business Manager (928) 738-2367
Support Services
Web page Bob Piercey,
Director of Transportation/Maintenance
(928) 738-2334
ext 118
  Irwin Sage, Security (928) 738-2334
ext 200
  Jerry Jim, Information Technology (928) 738-2334
ext 111
Web page

Susie Hevel, ESS Secretary

(928) 738-2334
ext 106
Food Service
Web page Gary Woody, Food Service Director (928) 738-2334
ext 114