Meet Our Administration & Staff

The Cedar Unified School Administration would like to welcome you to the new district website. We hope this useful and informative resource will help you stay informed about the events taking place at our district. As administrators for our district, we are committed to providing our community, our students, and their parents with the services and educational programs that will allow every child in our district to reach his/her highest potential. 

The members of our administrative team are listed below. However, if you'd like to contact a specific department for information or assistance, please visit our departments page.

Superintendent's Office
Duane Noggle Superintendent (928) 738-2366
Valerie Kooyaquaptewa Board Secretary/Admin. Asst./HR Coordinator (928) 738-2366


Jeddito School Office

Duane Noggle Principal (928) 738-2334 ext 101
Patricia Yellowhair School Secretary (928) 738-2334 ext 100
Delores Noble Teacher/JOM/Title VI Coordinator (928) 738 2334 ext 218
Victoria Begay Parent Liaison/Community Organizer (928) 738 2334 ext 104


Business Office

Bonnie J. Haven Business Manager (928) 738-2367
Joanna Lee Accounts Payable Technician  


Special Education

Charlene Gonnie ESS Teacher/Coordinator  
Travis Kooyaquatewa ESS Teacher  
Susie Hevel ESS Secretary (Part-time) (928) 738-2334 ext 106


Food Service

Gary Woody Food Service Director (928) 738-2334 ext 114


Information Technology

Lisa Sage Computer Technician (928) 738-2334 ext 111



Henry Miller Security (928) 738-2334 ext 200



Bob Piercey Director of Maintenance and Transportation (928) 738-2334 ext 118


Our Belief Statements

We Believe...

Students will be educated academically and socially so as to be productive citizens.

Students will have equal educational opportunities to achieve their individual potential.

We have something to offer every student.

Each student is unique.

Successful education depends on parental commitment to education.

We Believe...

Teachers are the foundation of a strong educational system.

Teachers will maintain high expectations for themselves and their students.

Teachers should serve as positive role models for students.

Teachers will actively seek parent support and involvement.

We Believe...

A principal is the instructional leader of the school.

A principal is the facilitator for a positive learning environment.

A principal serves as a liaison between school and community.

A principal maintains high expectations for students and staff members.

We Believe...

The superintendent is the leader, implementer, and facilitator of a successful school district.

The superintendent sets the positive educational climate of the school district.