We Believe

Students are the number one priority.

The board conveys the educational needs and desires of the community to the district and establishes policies accordingly.

The board maintains high expectations for the district and themselves in working toward excellence.

Our Management Principales are

We believe in human beings as the single most important element in all transactions.

We believe in challenging people to experience their full potential so each individual contributes to educational excellence.

We believe in reaching quality decisions through the involvement of people.

We believe in establishing priorities that respond to the needs of our students, staff members, and community, and serve as the driving force behind all of our actions.

We believe in focusing on excellence in everything we do.

Governing Board Agenda

Please be sure to look over the agenda for this month’s upcoming governing board meeting.

Govering Board Minutes
Meet Our Governing Board

Our Governing Board, as your community representatives, are dedicated to the education of our children. They value your input into the decision-making process. We hope you will attend our regularly scheduled board meetings whenever possible. You can check the district calendar for further information and meeting times.

Meet Our Governing Board Members

Iris Yessilth
Board President

Toni Mina
Board Clerk

Francis Ambrose, Sr.
Board Member

Jarrahlyn Begaye
Board Member

Ladybird Jack
Board Member